Golden Retriever Steps Up To Mother This Street Cat In Need Of Help

Stray animals are a growing problem worldwide. Thankfully, there are also compassionate people all throughout the world who answer the call to this ever-increasing problem.In Thailand, Honey the cat had an injured tail and she was feral and alone. However, a compassionate gentleman found Honey and brought him home. Honey was introduced to the man’s best friend: a dog.

Honey was about two months old when his rescuer found him. The man took Honey to the veterinarian where the cat received a bath and treatment for his injured tail. Then Honey came to his new home where he was introduced to the family’s golden retriever, Mamiao.The dog took one look at Honey and nuzzled the cat. From that day forward, Honey had a champion companion!

Everywhere Mamiao went around the house, little Honey followed.

“Honey seems to think that Mamiao is his new mom,” said Honey’s owner.

The kitten was so attached to the dog that he even tried to nurse on her. Mamiao took it all in stride and snuggled and loved her tiny shadow. As Honey grew up, Mamiao went to work teaching him everything about life as a dog — or, um, cat. She taught Honey games to play around the house, how to handle rides in the car, and how to walk outside on a leash and harness.

With Mamiao’s guidance, Honey is now a happy, well-adjusted two-year-old cat who is adored by his golden retriever mom. When they aren’t out and about exploring the world together, Mamiao and Honey can be found cuddling with each other.

These two sweet souls are inseparable, and we wish them many more happy days of fun and adventure together.