Golden Retrievers Wake Up Toddler, Then Commit The Perfect Crime

Introducing dogs to a new baby is always a stressful event. Will they hit it off immediately? Will the dog not understand how fragile human babies are? New parents can only hope for the best, but there’s never a guarantee. Luckily for the Cardinal Family, it seems like the experience is going well … maybe a little too well.

Not only do Golden Retrievers, Colby and Bleu, love their human sister, Chloe, they have created a new, shady enterprise with her!Even before Chloe was born, Colby had learned how to open doors. The Cardinals had previously caught her opening a door and escaping their room when they put up a video camera to watch them.

With Chloe’s opposable thumbs, the wheels in Colby’s head started turning. And it wouldn’t be long before the trio turned to a life of crime.

Chloe, like all small children, is a bit messy when eating. Colby and Bleu spent a lot of time under her highchair. But what if there was a better way to secure food?

Every morning, the dogs would bark for breakfast outside of the Cardinal’s bedroom. But on one particular day, the dogs were suspiciously quiet. Acting on a hunch, husband and wife peeked out of their bedroom door, only to find their 15-month-old daughter walking around with their 2 dogs!

Cardinal had this to say, “I think they figured they’d try the baby. They’ve snuck into her room before overnight once, but not for breakfast. (At the time, she wasn’t walking yet.) So, this is the first time it effected a prison break.”

Chloe’s door was shut the night before and she can’t open the door herself yet. They decided to check the video footage to find out what had really happened. At the 6:05 a.m. mark, they got their answers. Colby, with Bleu in tow, opened the door and went to their new ringleader to procure snacks! They ran up to Chloe, waking her up with kisses. Then they ran out of the room to get her to follow them. Chloe wasn’t fully awake yet and didn’t follow immediately. Colby and Bleu realized that she wasn’t following them, and they returned to try again. This time, they were successful. The trio run off camera, leaving no video evidence of the actual food heist.

Cardinal says the dogs are very smart and “definitely knew what they were doing.”