Good Boy Goes To Hair Salon With His Mom And Sits For A Haircut Just Like A Human

This gorgeous little puppy felt so proud when he got to pretend to be just like his mommy.Luka is a little Golden retriever puppy who has made his new mommy, Brittany Taylor, very happy.
So happy that she couldn’t stop gushing about him when she was getting her hair done at the salon.Her hairstylist got so excited about the pup that she asked Taylor to bring him into the salon so she could meet the little guy.

More than happy to show off her gorgeous little boy, Taylor happily complied and brought Luka with her on her next visit.Everyone at the salon fell in love with the heart-meltingly cute puppy and took turns keeping Luka happy and occupied while his mommy got her hair fixed.Then, they decided that Luka should also get to enjoy their services.

After all, if anyone deserves to be pampered it’s a good little boy like Luka.

They placed Luka in the salon chair and even gave him a little hair cape before treating him to a make-believe haircut.

Luka sat still in the chair like the very good little boy that he is and seemed to enjoy “playing human”.

Everyone thought he was such a cute and well-behaved little customer. We bet they wish more customers were as sweet as little Luka!

But one thing’s for sure; Luka doesn’t need much styling. He’s such a gorgeous little pup just the way he is.

Below, we’ve collected a few of our favourite pics of the little guy for you to enjoy. And if you, like us, crave even more pictures, you can head over to his very own Instagram.

Here’s Luka and his bestie Kona.

Even when he’s dirty, Luka’s a cutie!

Have you ever seen anything more precious?

Our hearts can barely handle all this cuteness.

Just look at those big brown eyes.

We could look at him all day long.