Grandma Becomes Fur Mom Despite Being Told She’s ‘too Old’ For A Dog

Andrea Hijar’s grandma has been a dog lover all her life.At 76, she still wanted to welcome a new dog to take care of, but she was rejected by animal rescue centers due to old age.But Andrea didn’t stop looking until she came across a man willing to give his puppy to her grandparents!A 76-year-old grandma has always been a dog lover. She has raised several pups all her life and would still want to raise one recently, but she was rejected “because of [her] age.”

Her granddaughter tried to reach out to many rescue groups in Peru only to be told that they were not recommending that grandparents would look after puppies.“In the end, they rejected them because of their age,” granddaughter Andrea Hijar told The Dodo. “It made me sad. They are a very loving couple, but were being denied something they were very excited about.”

This turned Andrea’s grandma upset, but she tried to accept that having a dog in her life now was impossible. Meanwhile, Andrea never stopped and kept looking. Soon, she reaped her reward for not losing hope.

Andrea came across a post from a man who had a puppy in need of a loving home. Although she had been rejected many times, Andrea still tried her luck with this man, hoping he would see her grandma’s age differently.

True enough, the man agreed to give the puppy, “knowing that [the] grandparents were going to take care of her and love her very much.”

Andrea got the puppy, whom they named Princesa, and asked help from her grandpa to surprise her grandma with it.

“I was very moved to see her reaction,” the thoughtful granddaughter said. “It was very emotional seeing her so happy and full of joy.” She was certain that Princesa has found her perfect parents.

Though Andrea understands that adopting a dog, especially a puppy, is a serious decision and that it will be even more difficult for older adopters, she thinks that they still shouldn’t be barred from raising pets.

“Adopting changes your life,” Andrea said. “If a family is ready and with open arms to welcome the little one, then go ahead. That little animal will be eternally thankful for having a family.”