Guard Dog And Baby Giraffe Are Best Friends, Most Tender Malinois Ever

When a farmer in Mokopane, South Africa discovered a tiny giraffe alone and abandoned by its mother, he quickly called animal rescuers for help. The Rhino Orphanage immediately sprung into action and saved the baby giraffe from certain death.Upon arriving at the refuge, a surprising caretaker began to immediately watch over the new baby.

The anti-poaching guard dog, a Belgium Malinois named Hunter, quickly bonded with the giraffe and began to tenderly watch over it.The 2-day-old giraffe was very weak and needed immediate care and hydration. Under the watchful eye of Hunter, the staff began nursing the giraffe; they named Jazz, with a baby bottle, IV fluids, and offered him leaves to eat.

Despite the unlikely pairing, Hunter vigilantly watches all that goes on with his new charge. He never leaves the baby’s side. He cuddles with the adorable giraffe infant and provides the baby comfort and protection, laying close to his side, sharing a blanket.

With all the care from wildlife workers and attention from Hunter, Jazz is doing well. The staff is hopeful he will be able to return to his natural habitat one day soon. We’re sure that Hunter will be sad to see him go since the two are such great friends.

Jazz was certainly a lucky giraffe since most abandoned baby animals pass away from hunger or fall victim to predators without ever being rescued. We thank the quick acting farmer for making the call that surely saved this little one’s life.

We’re sure that if Hunter could talk, he’d also say thank you for saving his new best friend. It’s so adorable to watch the unlikely pair cuddle and love on each other. Although we want nothing more than to watch the baby giraffe grow up and live the life he was born to live, we can’t help but wish that the two could stay forever friends, even if it’s not realistic in the animal kingdom.