Guilty Dog Gives His Owner The Most Dramatic Apology Ever

The guilty face is the universal canine language of, “you caught me,” and this dog has mastered it.Dog are amazing animals. They are loving and loyal. As devoted best friends, they live to please their owners. But, they also have a mind of their own. At times, they take things into their own paws and make decisions that their owners don’t approve of.

Despite their training, even the best-behaved dogs can get a little wild sometimes. It’s like all the pent-up goodness needs an outlet and their inner beast comes out and gets them into all sorts of canine mischief.In these moments, the most innocent fun happens when a dog has the zoomies in the house or has fun splashing in a mud puddle after the rain. Or, finally destroys a favorite stuffie and has a great time spreading the cotton guts all over the house.

Then there are the moments that make dog owners flinch because the normally good dog seems to have temporarily lost its mind. Disgusting trash is strewn all over the house. Or, the upholstery has been chewed. Maybe a favorite shoe is destroyed and hidden behind the couch.

But, what is really revealing is how these dogs behave when they get caught! Their guilty faces seem to say, “I know you’re not happy but, oh what fun I had!” They adorably know just how to seek forgiveness and wrap us around their little paw.

Like the pup in this video. Clearly, the dog is guilty of some sort of mischief. His sweet face has guilty written all over it but it doesn’t stop there. He climbs into his owner’s lap offering the most repentant dog apology, ever.

He presses his sweet face into his owner’s chest as if to say, “I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again.” The shamed dog looks about to cry tears and begs his owner for forgiveness by hugging him and rubbing his muzzle on his owner’s chest.

In the most convincing dog apology we’ve ever seen, his owner’s resolve to be firm melts before our eyes. All is forgiven and the adorable dog is finally given a big hug. Now, all is right with the world.