Guilty Labrador Offers Up An Adorable Apology For The Mess He Made

This Black Lab dug through the trash and left a big mess on the floor. He was just busted by Mom, but he has an adorable apology up his sleeve that he’s been saving for a time like this. He may be fully grown, but look at those puppy eyes!Watch as the guilty pup raises a paw and extends it toward Mom. He may have done a naughty thing, but how could you ever stay mad after an apology like this? You could call it his “get out of jail free” card!

Our dogs could be naughty sometimes. But if we see them offering an apology like this, we’d probably forgive them in an instant.If you’re a dog owner, you would know how your dog would react after you scold them with something they did. Some dogs would react stubbornly, barking back to you as if they weren’t just caught.

Although, most of the time, you’d see them with droopy ears and sad eyes that make you want to forgive them instantly.

How about if they plead for forgiveness?

In this video, you could see a big black Labrador extending its paw towards its owner. But what exactly happened before that? Apparently, the dog had dug through the trash in the kitchen, leaving a huge mess on the floor.

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The dog may have smelled some leftovers inside, and he became tempted to rummage through the plastic bag. That said, paper plates and plastic cups were left scattered, and then his mom walked in and caught him in the act.

This is what happened when his mom began to scold him.

Mom looked furious at him for making such a mess and so she went to give him a gentle scolding.

“You made this mess and I have to clean it up,” she told her dog. “I want you to sit here and you think about what you did.”

She then proceeds to tell him that making that mess was a bad choice and he should reflect on it. The poor dog could do nothing but sit there with his sad and teary eyes. You’d just feel sorry for him. He can’t even help but burp in front of his mom even though she was still giving him a scolding.

Knowing he’s at fault, he began offering her mom his apology

After showing some rude manners, the dog tried to raise his paw as if he’s asking his mom to forgive him. He was quite hesitant at first, unsure whether raising his paw is the right thing to do there.

However, mom caught his message and saw the sincerity as he makes his apology. Of course, after seeing that, mom shook his hand to say that she accepts his apology. If it were you, you might not even think twice to forgive that poor Labrador.

Like this mom, most of us can’t help but let our pets get away with everything.

It’s hard to keep being mad with your dog especially when they’re facing you with that guilty look on their faces. Even if they make a serious mistake of chewing on your favorite thing in the world, you can’t stay mad at them for a whole day. In fact, maybe you’d just let it go and get back to cuddling them.

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Our dogs know when we’re mad at them.

It may be obvious to some, but the fact that they could read our expressions and react to them accordingly is plenty amazing. They could tell whether we’re happy, sad, or angry that we could just say that dogs do get us.

Some would say that they aren’t capable of letting out complex emotions like guilt, but at the same time, there is no scientific proof to prove that. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but it doesn’t change the fact that they could understand our emotions really well and are capable of showing it back.