Hairless German Shepherd Puppies Find The Perfect Forever Homes

When two hairless German shepherd puppies landed in the shelter, a volunteer named Nichole, was certain they had common mange, but she was wrong.The two puppies were dropped off at the shelter by a man who insisted they were born without hair. Shelter staff immediately thought something was fishy and that the wrinkly pups must have mange.

The two adorably naked pups were taken to the vet and it was discovered the puppies didn’t have mange but rather alopecia. Alopecia occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles, and may be brought on by severe stress. The main symptom is hair loss.Alopecia in dogs can also be caused by fungal or bacterial infections, parasites such as mites, and is often the result of the dog scratching or licking an itchy or sore area. Alopecia in dogs can affect all breeds and genders at any stage of their life.

Despite their bald appearance, like all puppies, these two are adorable. They moved into their foster home and began to learn, grow, and become less nervous around new people, environments, and situations.

After about a month, the two puppies were ready to be adopted into separate homes. The post offering them for adoption read, “hairless little armadillo puppies are looking for their forever homes.” They soon received about 50 applications.

The day came that the puppy named Xavier was going to meet his new dad, Tyler. The two had a lot in common because his dad also suffers from alopecia. Tyler drove the few hours to meet his new pup and was greeted with plenty of wags and happy puppy kisses.

Of course the pup melted his new dad’s heart and the two made their way to the car to begin their new life together and to meet his new fur mom and fur brother. Lucky for him, his new mom saw that he was available for adoption.

The second pup, Zander was adopted by his new fur mom, Aida and her husband, Tyler. The couple drove 6 hours to pick up the puppy. They realized they wanted to adopt Zander when they saw the little pup’s butt wrinkles in a video.

Despite looking like an “armadillo” the pup is adorable and could not be cuter in his shirt. The pup is going to be so happy in his new active home, which also includes a new German shepherd brother!

When the family meets for the first time, the new pup is obviously smitten with his new dad and showers him with kisses before heading over to meet mom. Then it’s off for the six hour drive to his forever home in Birmingham.

Be sure to watch the adorable pups explore their new homes and meet their new brothers for the first time. They each have found the most perfect families and we wish them the best life, they deserve it.