Hikers Rescue Dog, Carry Her For 3 Miles To Safety


Hikers went off the beaten path to explore Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park. But little did they know, they’d save a life that day and have to endure a grueling 3-mile-hike back to civilization.Three hikers were taking in the beautiful scenery of Mt. Glorious National Park when they heard loud splashing from a nearby creek.

They were expecting to see a kangaroo wading to cool off, or maybe even a platypus family playing in the water. But when they got closer, they were shocked to see a dog fighting for her life, struggling to get out of the water near a muddy bank.Unable to reach her, the hikers used a rope on a stick like a catch pole to pull the dog from the water.

The dog was exhausted, but she was so scared that she tried to run away. The trio of rescuers wrangled her back in out of fear she might get lost or fall back into the creek

The female hiker sat next to her for a while before reaching out to pet her, and the portly little dog they nicknamed Miss Piggy rewarded her patience and effort by licking her hand.

When it came time to hike Miss Piggy out of the bush, they made a harness from the rope to walk her on. Unfortunately, Miss Piggy was too exhausted and frightened to walk on her own. To make matters worse, the rugged terrain made it too dangerous to simply pick her up and carry her out, but one of the hikers devised a plan.

The hiker walked back to the car to grab a large canvas bag that they turned into a makeshift stretcher using ropes, towels and a branch.

The two male hikers carried the 85+ pound dog while the female hiker walked ahead looking for safe paths and clearing the way of brush and branches. A 15-minute walk took them 45, but they finally made it to the car and got Miss Piggy home.

Upon arriving home, the trio posted Miss Piggy on the internet and found her owner! Miss Piggy’s real name is Elly-Bob. She had escaped her backyard and she was 10 miles from home when the hikers found her.

Bobby – as she is called by her dad – was missing for over 3 whole weeks! It’s a mystery how she maintained her weight or why she was in the woods, but her owner was happy to have her back and she was certainly happy to be home.

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