Hilarious Puppy Stubbornly Refuses To Leave Vet’s Office

Georgia is a gorgeous, six month old Bernese Mountain Dog cross with an adorable stubborn streak. She was enjoying her visit to her veterinarian so much that when it was time to leave, she lay down on the floor in a big heap of puppy and refused to budge. Step by step, they coaxed her out of the exam office and down the hall, but when she saw Dr. Kristy Hiltz and the rest of the clinic staff at the front desk, she wagged her tail and lay down again, right at their feet.

You can hardly blame Georgia. All she wants is a little love from some of her favorite people. She also wants the liver treats that they spoil her with, but she’s clever enough to realize that the treats are simply a bribe to get her closer to the door. Once that becomes clear, her reaction to the offers is comical.

Dana, a technician at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, tries to use the rewards to get Georgia to her feet at the door of the exam room and Georgia turns her head in mock disgust. Georgia is winning the battle, as she has Dana kneeling on the floor, showering her with attention. Georgia’s owner, Eric was putting her father, Dexter, into the truck throughout this and he returns to coax and convince Georgia that it is time to go. He holds back his laughter as he watches her on the floor and he comments with a smile that it is like dealing with a toddler again.

Eric thinks he has succeeded when Georgia gets to her feet at the mention of going for a “walk”, but Georgia isn’t committed to the cause. She turns her head to look in each exam room that she passes, apparently looking for someone in particular.

The staff love Georgia, and Eric’s other dogs, now referred to as the “Nine Fluffy Puppies” and they are charmed and amused by Georgia’s antics. Most dogs have to be dragged IN the front door of the vet’s office and they will run OUT the door as soon as the visit is over, but Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital is a very unique clinic.

The colors and atmosphere are intentionally bright and welcoming and the staff are beyond enthusiastic. The doctors and technicians spend a lot of time making the visit about love and affection and try to distract from the medical treatment.

What is truly unique about this clinic is that people are encouraged to routinely drop in with their pets for social visits and treats during outings to the park or walking trails. Imagine your dog actually being eager to go to the vet!

You can clearly see that Georgia feels the love.