Homeless Dog Just Wanted Food, But So Many Problems Were Hiding Under Her Matted Fur

An injured dog was trying to find refuge in an apartment complex, so Hope For Paws was called in to make the rescue. As soon as they spotted her, they secured the fence so she couldn’t escape. The little dog was in terrible shape and very eager to eat some of the cheeseburger they brought along.

As they distracted her with food, the lucky leash was placed around her head. Sparrow was filthy, hungry, and limping around, so they needed to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.Sparrow was very friendly and cooperative throughout the entire rescue and while getting examined at the animal hospital.

The vets found a tumor that would need to be removed, and she had a broken leg that would require surgery.

Sparrow was sedated so that vets could remove her matted hair at the site of the injury.

The poor girl must’ve been in so much pain for so long while dealing with all of this.

The little dog made a complete recovery, and just a few weeks later she found a forever home! Doesn’t she look amazing today?