Horse, Pony, And Dog Are All Part Of One Loving Spotted Family

A family in The Netherlands is gaining a lot of social media fans for their beloved pets: a spotted trio of a horse, a pony, and a dog.Despite their size differences, the trio are the best of friends.The horse and the pony are also a perfect fit for a mother-and-daughter-duo’s horseback riding!Meet Nevada the horse, Napoleon the pony, and Jack Sparrow the dog. This spotted trio are the best of friends, and their spots have made them beloved among their human family and social media fans.

Nevada is an Appaloosa stallion, Napoleon is a Shetland pony, while Jack Sparrow is a Dalmatian. The beloved trio live happily in Kootwijkerbroek, The Netherlands, with their owner Greetje Arends-Hakvoort and her young daughter Jolie.Greetje is also a horse trainer who founded the Human & Horse Academy, which offers a unique training program known for “giving everyone a possibility to educate their horse with love and joy.”

Aside from their training program, they’re also known for the beautiful photos they share of the beautiful spotted trio!

They may be of different sizes, but the three animals are best friends who love spending time together.

spotted horse pony and dog

Greetje told Metro that Jack the dog “saw himself as one of the horses” when was still a puppy. Now, the Dalmatian “fits in perfectly” with his spots.

Little Jolie is best friends with Napoleon the pony since they were born at around the same time.

The mother-daughter-duo are also the perfect sizes to ride the horse-and-pony duo while Jack happily tags along with them:

spotted horse pony and dog

What an adorable sight!

Greetje also shared the wonderful news: their spotted family has new members! They now have three more spotted horses in their family.

She introduced them all on Facebook: “Ok then… Now with the whole dotted family including Jack and Jolie with her favorite dotted coat. Left to Right: Braveheart, Jack Sparrow, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Jolie and Napoleon, Nevada.”

spotted horse pony and dog

The spotted animals not only bring her family joy, but also spread happiness to everyone across the world.

She shared, “Our spotted friends are spreading love, friendship, and fun all over the UK and the rest of the world.”