Hot Koala Finds A Car With The AC Running, Jumps In And Makes Himself At Home

A winemaker named Tim Whitrow was visiting the Alluca Wine Vineyards in Australia for business. As it was a particularly hot day, he left the car air conditioning running and windows open while his dog waited inside. But when he returned to his car, he was in for one baffling surprise! A sneaky little koala had jumped into his car and made himself at home in the backseat of the car!

Tim’s dog was visibly confused to have an unlikely furry guest in the car. It seemed like the 2 animals were having a staring contest right before Tim walked in! Tim offered some water to the koala thinking he might be thirsty. While the creature was sweet and friendly, he felt so comfortable in the cool atmosphere that he absolutely refused to step out of the car!

This video follows Tim’s amusing attempts to get the koala to leave his car, and it is way too entertaining!

The koala is simply mystified by the soothing air conditioning, and even moves to the front of the car to explore the “magical cold air dispenser”. He is so happy that he gladly welcomes the pets and rubs from Tim!

By the end of this video, Tim does manage to get the koala back to his true home on a nearby tall tree! But even from that altitude, the koala keeps gazing at the car.

What a cutie! Apart from a few curious koala scratches to his car, this was definitely a wholesome experience for Tim and his dog!