Hotel Guest Gets Surprised By Cat Resident

A hotel guest was looking forward to relaxing in her room when she was greeted by a cat.She had no idea that the hotel room came with a cat, but she definitely had no complaints.After sharing her experience, she ended up helping the cat find her forever home!Carolyn O’Donnell was on a work travel, so she was looking forward to relaxing in her hotel room. But she was immediately surprised by an unexpected guest — her room came with a cat!

Carolyn told The Dodo, “I noticed the cat as soon as I walked in, before I even put my luggage down. She walked right up to me, all happy to see me.”She was understandably confused, but she had no complaints. A cat in your room is definitely a cute hotel perk.She had to play with the cat for a bit before asking the hotel’s front desk about the mystery cat.

But the receptionist was equally confused, and told Carolyn that she may have to pay the pet fee if she didn’t get the cat out of the room.

So Carolyn just let the cat use the bathroom outside then brought her back in for the night. She didn’t mind the potential pet fee.

When she told her friends about her experience, they urged her to share it on TikTok. The hotel cat immediately gained a fan following!

Carolyn tried the front desk again the next morning, which finally shed light on the situation.

She shared, “A very sweet lady answered and she confirmed that no one owned her and she had been hanging out around the property for some time now, and the cat would actually walk her to her car after every shift.”

Carolyn considered adopting the cat herself, but her colleague had a severe cat allergy.

The hotel staff, as well as TikTok users, all offered to help find the hotel cat a forever home. After asking lots of questions, they eventually found someone that’s perfect for her.

Carolyn was simply on a work trip — she definitely did not expect to meet a cat at her hotel room, and even help her get adopted!