‘Hungry’ German Shepherd Just Ate, Hilariously Asks Owner For Seconds

A funny video has emerged of a dog using various methods to communicate to his owner that he is hungry.The video shows Apollo the German Shepherd following his owner around the kitchen, nodding towards the pantry and fridge and barking when his owner says the word “food” or “hungry?”

At the beginning of the video, the cute dog even looks down at his empty bowl and gives it a whack with his paw. The message he’s trying to convey could not be clearer.We also find out later in the footage that it is just midday, which means that Apollo has just eaten and should be full up.

After a few puppy dog eye stare downs, it seems like he will get just a bit more kibble!

It is not at all uncommon for German Shepherds to feel hungry more than they should or to simply have a fascination with food or anything that might resemble food, but just a little more kibble won’t hurt!