Huskies Gather In The Mornings To Sing The Song Of Their People

If you know anything about Huskies, you know they’re a talkative breed. Making noise is just kind of what they do — maybe they like to hear themselves! I know I love the sound of a beautiful dog howl. But can you imagine being the neighbors of these Huskies? They like to put on special morning concerts for them!

The dogs gather in the morning, and all it takes is a simple howl from dad to get them going. And once they get going — wow!!The Huskies start singing the song of their people, and they go on for a good minute straight! About halfway through, the one sibling off to the side comes over to join in, and it’s a full-on sing-a-long.

They’re so loud and into it, I just can’t stop laughing!

I think the caption on the video says it best: “These Huskies really love to sing, especially in the mornings! Sorry neighbors!”

Hopefully the neighbors are dog lovers!