Husky Greets Her Owners Through A Tiny Doggy Door And Gives Them An Earful

Nora, the Siberian Husky who never fails to welcome her owners by throwing a tirade of canine scolding on those who were so heartless as to leave her home all alone (not really, but explain that to Nora, if she leaves you space to talk)! If her owners leave home without her, Nora the husky likes to let them know how she feels. Needless to say, they have some funny conversations!

Hearing them coming back, she first peeps her large Husky head through the small doggy door, greets them back politely but then she gives such a reproachful look you do not want to be in their shoes! He is quickly let out of the house, but her lamenting continues from outside the house. Oh, Nora!

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