Husky Is Very Unhappy That His Water Bowl Was Left Empty For a Few Minutes

Zeus the Husky is a social media star, thanks to his stubborn antics and even more funny personality. He’s also very vocal and is somewhat of a drama ‘king.’The thing about Zeus is, he lets everyone know how he feels about any given situation at all times. So it is no surprise that when he emptied his water bowl and wanted more to drink, he told his mom all about it.

Zeus stands in his water bowl waiting for mom. When she gets there, she takes the bowl but can’t seem to clean it fast enough for the very verbal husky, who loudly complains at her the entire time.Mom and Zeus carry on a hilarious conversation about his hydration needs as she washes his dish and gets him some fresh water.

Zeus is impatient and apparently unwilling to drink out of one of his other available water dishes.

Mom finishes refilling his bowl yet can’t set it down quick enough for the adorably demanding husky.

The poor guy had to go a whole few minutes with an empty bowl and he is very unhappy about it.

Finally mom sets the bowl down and Zeus happily takes a big, long drink. He seems to be thankful because now he’s finally silent.