Husky Refuses To Get Out Of Bed, But Agrees To Share It With Toddler

Laughter usually ensues when our furry friends start doing the things people do inside the house. But, to one father on YouTube, the antics allowed him to witness an adorable bond between his toddler and his pet dog.In the video, a father and his young son, upon entering their bedroom, were greeted by the sight of their furry friend comfortably tucked under the sheets of the bed.

The father who was filming the video was tickled to see their dog Millie laying comfortably on the bed. He also captured the moment where his young son was very pleasantly surprised about the whole thing.What happened next was just adorable. The boy sat beside the husky and then it’s a fun time for the three of them after that.

The father played a game of peek-a-boo with his son as Millie watched them. When the father gave his son a bottle of milk Milly seemed to want it, too. After all, it looked like the husky was already about to sleep when the two entered the room. All Millie needed was warm milk before dozing off.

The husky continued to make it known that she wanted a drink. Millie would inspect the bottle. Or, she would tap it with her paw.

The boy finally slept but Millie still did not leave the bed. She proceeded in petting the boy as he slept. She ended up sleeping next to the boy at the end of the video. The father kept filming while the boy and Millie slept beside each other. The YouTube video has gained 15 million views since it was uploaded.

“I think Millie our husky believes she is his mother. Her maternal instincts are so beautiful from having puppies a few years back. Makes me happy to see them bond this way!” the pup’s dad said.

The bond between the boy and Millie the husky could melt the hearts of anyone watching it. Millie has been in the boy’s life since the first day he was brought home. According to the father, Millie instantly fell in love with the boy on that day. As a father, he wants his children to know how to love and have compassion for animals.

Millie the husky is already 10 years old. She is popular on YouTube and has been viewed and liked many times by people all over the world.

She likes being around children in the house and meeting other dogs for the first time. The family loves Millie’s habit of not getting out of the beds of her humans. And viewers love it, too. Millie has a number of hit YouTube videos that show how adamant she is in not leaving the beds in their house. But, by far the most popular video is the one that turned into a playtime before Millie fell asleep next to the toddler.