Husky Takes Matters Into His Own Paws At Agility Competition And The Results Are Hilarious

Lobo the gorgeous Siberian husky usually loves his agility competitions, however at this one, he takes matters into his own paws and the outcome is hilarious but probably won’t win him a blue ribbon.Dogs that excel at agility are known for their speed, energy, stamina, and ability to follow commands. So when it was Lobo’s turn to compete in the 24” class completion, people expected to see him flying along, four paws barely touching the ground, speeding around the course.

What they got however was a hysterical dog that decided to do things his own way and apparently the word of the night for Lobo was, chill.The event began promising enough as his handler, Alan Davis, and Lobo headed for the field. With seemingly a smile for the camera, Lobo starts and in retrospect, one has to wonder if maybe that smile was a smirk and the brilliant husky planned to entertain us in a new way all along.

He misses his first jump and seems in no hurry to pursue another but does pick up some energy so we see a glimpse of what could be. After the redo he moves a little faster and heads for the weave poles.

And, once he’s there that’s when we realize….for Lobo its 5 o’ clock somewhere and it’s not on the agility course. As he slowly winds his way through the weave poles the crowd and presenters go wild with laughter. What Lobo lacks in speed he is certainly making up for in personality.

He then seems to decide to gather himself and runs faster for a short bit before being distracted and takes a break to sniff out a possible new toy. Hey, we understand, you can’t have too many toys so we’ll give him a pass there. With a backward glance, he decides to continue on.

His huge personality is really making a statement now and his cool pause on the teeter totter if too cute for words. Lobo’s laid back vibe is just awesome from his nose to his toes.

Sixty faults in 76.32 seconds ends the night for Lobo but thanks to him, we’re still laughing.