IKEA Store In Italy Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs To Protect Them From The Cold

The holidays are upon us and it truly is the season of generosity and good cheer. It seems that even the biggest Scrooge has a warm re-awaking of the heart during this time of year.One example of the spirit of giving is taking place at an IKEA store located in Catania, Sicily. The store opened its doors to stray dogs to provide them with warmth and shelter from the cold winter days.

Customers of the store applauded the hospitality shown the dogs, which snuggled in between the furnishings on soft rugs near cozy couches while happy shoppers browse the store and enjoy the company of the animals.This story quickly went viral and is shared all over social media. One woman posted a video of the dogs and mentioned how sweet the dogs are when they are sleeping and received 1.2 million views.

The idea came about because homeless dogs are a huge problem in Catania and the store wanted to do something to help. Employees are showering the pooches with daily food and attention and hoping people will adopt the dogs for the holidays.

“The dogs received daily food and pampering from IKEA’s employees and customers. Some dogs have even found a family, going home with customers.”

What better way to add a dog to your home than to rescue one from a home store? We think that this is a fantastic idea and would love to see more stores do something similar.

This is not the first time IKEA has helped shelter dogs. In the past they partnered with Home for Hope and displayed cut outs of shelter dogs in need of rescue inside their store.