IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Homeless Dogs To Get Them Out Of The Cold

An IKEA store in Catania, Italy, has opened its doors to the local stray doors to get them out of the elements, and the customers are in love with the idea. And this isn’t the first time IKEA has gone above and beyond for dogs; the retailer once joined forces with Home For Hope by displaying cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs in their stores to help them get adopted.

One customer, Martine Taccia, was shopping there one day when she discovered some dogs resting at one of the living room displays, and she was blown away by the kind gesture. She just had to capture a video of the heartwarming scene:IKEA hasn’t just provided the homeless dogs with a roof over their heads, they also provide daily food and water and lots and lots of pampering and love.

Some of the dogs have even found forever homes with customers!

Other Instagram photos show that plenty of other people are also on board with IKEA’s act of kindness.

Hopefully this will persuade other businesses to follow suit and open their doors to the helpless animals in their neighborhoods.