Impatient Dog Won’t Stop Telling His Dad He Wants A Kitten

Dogs and cats have a long history of not getting along. Many people still believe that these animals are destined to be enemies despite all the dog and cat friends on the internet. In fact, some dogs actually love cats more than anything else.A big dog named Clyde is an example of a dog who’s obsessed with cats. He has always wanted a kitten friend of his own, so he makes sure his dad knows. In a hilarious video, his dad films Clyde’s reaction to him visiting the pet store.

After returning from a pet store, Clyde’s dad decided to record a video of himself talking to his dog. But in this video, Clyde actually responds! His voice even sounds exactly like what you’d expect a dog to sound like.As soon as his dad tells him he went to the pet store, Clyde immediately gets excited about the idea of a kitten sibling. His dad describes Clyde’s dream kitten, and of course, the big dog gets excited. He bounces around, ready to meet his new friend.

However, his dad starts going on about the other animals he saw instead. He talks about the snakes, turtles, and hamsters, but it’s clear that Clyde’s growing impatient. Whenever his dad mentions a cat though, Clyde is thrilled.

It seems like his dad will continue the charade for a while longer, but a tiny meow interrupts their conversation. Finally, his dad reveals that he picked up one of the shelter kittens. Clyde can’t contain his excitement! He bounces around as his dad leads him to his new kitten friend.

Clyde’s video was created as a promotion for a campaign called Pets Add Life. It was made to promote responsible dog and cat ownership. Of course, it was also there to add humor to everyone’s day as well.

This hilarious video was created and voiced by Andrew Grantham. He makes comedic videos like this full-time. He’s most well-known for the silly video called ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’, where the dad teases his talking dog by discussing delicious food. He eventually tells the dog that he already ate all the food and gave some to the cat too. As you can imagine, the dog in that video is even more frustrated than Clyde!

If your dog could talk, what would they have to say? It’s funny to imagine how dogs would behave if they could speak, and these videos perfectly capture that fantasy. If you want to see more videos like this one, check out the Talking Animals YouTube channel!