Impatient Husky Throws Temper Tantrum When Mom Asks Him To Wait 5 Mins For Walk

Cody the Husky has always been very particular about his afternoon walks. While Mom loves to take him out for long walks around the neighborhood, there are times when she is way too exhausted to do so. However, Cody is not one to entertain any sort of excuses that delay his precious walks!

In the video below, we see Cody’s impatient antics as Mom refuses to get out of bed for his scheduled walk. Drained by the day’s chores, Mom begs Cody to give her “5 more minutes” to rest. But the whole unreliable 5-more-minutes rant is something he has heard way too often, so he decides to ruthlessly badger Mom with a smoldering temper tantrum!

Cody refuses to bargain as he frantically paces around Mom’s bed and demands her to fulfill her walk duty RIGHT NOW.

When he just won’t stop his howling fury, Mom asks him quite playfully, “Five minutes in Husky time is like one hour, huh?” Cody not only ponders over Mom’s rhetorical question for a while, but also replies back with an affirming “Awoooooo”! Unbelievable!

Cody’s freaky response to Mom’s “Hold your horses” also had us in stitches! He sure has a wickedly savage sense of humor. Cody doing zoomies around the house as he desperately negotiates with Mom is by far the cutest thing we’ve seen today!