In A Twist, Kids Get Dad A Puppy Instead. Dad Can’t Handle It & Leaps Like A Kid

Pedro Martinez always knew that his dad has a soft-spot for Golden Doodles. Dad would often casually remark about his love for the cuddly breed, but he never mentioned about getting one as the family already had 2 beloved dogs. This Christmas, Pedro decided it was time to make Dad’s dream come true!

Pedro hatched a plan to surprise Dad with his favorite puppy during the family’s holiday photoshoot. In this video, we see Dad wearing his Christmas cap and getting ready for the family pictures. However, he has no idea that a Golden Doodle puppy is slowly walking up to him while he is posing for the camera!

When the puppy finally walks upfront, Dad’s eyes go wide in wonder as he tries to wrap his head around what’s happening! Once he realizes that he’s been gifted his dream puppy, he squeals in excitement and leaps around just like a giddy little kid! What a precious moment!.

Dad goofily skips around the puppy for quite some time and finally grabs the little one for a hug! The puppy was later named George, and he happily made himself at home with his lovely family and his cute doggie siblings. This spectacular video graciously celebrates the holiday spirit of love and togetherness.