In The Parking Lot Of Walgreens A Woman Picks Up A Huge Furry Hitchhiker


Eleanor Donahue was traveling to her girlfriend’s place a few nights earlier when she came across her neighborhood Walgreens. Despite the fact that the pharmacy was closed, an impatient customer entered the establishment regardless.

“I saw this Great Pyrenees trotting down the street, and I expected to see someone chasing behind her,” Donahue told The Dodo. “I followed her into the parking lot and yelled out to her, ‘Hey pup pup, come here!’”

The large, fluffy dog waddled over to the car, and Donahue was relieved to see that she was so friendly.

“I got out of the car, and she just hopped right in,” Donahue said. “Luckily, she was delighted with herself for getting in my car and drooled all over me.”

Dog loves WalgreensELEANOR DONAHUE

Donahue felt around in the dog’s fur and found a collar with a tag reading “Luna.” She called the number listed on it. Luna’s parents immediately picked up the phone and were clearly relieved to hear that someone had found their baby. “They said, ‘Where are you?’ and I said, ‘I’m in the Walgreens parking lot.’ And I could hear them say under their breath, ‘Ugh, she loves that f***ing Walgreens.’”


Luna hadn’t gone for a walk to the nearby Walgreens for the first time, as it turned out. Luna’s favorite location on the planet is the pharmacy shop.


Luna’s mother told The Dodo, “She likes people, and there are always people there.” “She once got it into the vestibule before being captured by my husband. It’s also right next to Magnificent Muffin, so there’ll be people and food.”

Luna’s parents arrived two minutes after the call and took her up, and the puppy was as pleased as could be.

Donahue, on the other hand, was overjoyed to take the little detour to assist the lost puppy. “I warmly remember the drool on my sweater,” Donahue added.

They also know where to look for Luna if she goes away again.

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