Injured Puppy With Only One Ear Looks Like A Golden Unicorn

Whatever color, size, or shape they come in, every single dog is precious and wonderful. Dogs never care about what we look like and love us for who we are so why should we discriminate against dogs based on their looks?Just like with people, sometimes doggos lose certain body parts too but that doesn’t mean they are any less amazing. Here is one such beautiful soul Rae who is also very unique.

Meet Rae. She is a rare Golden Unicorn!She is just like any other puppy, with lots of spunk and sassI’m sure you’ve noticed that she looks quite unique and not like any dog you’ve ever seen beforeDue to an accidental injury that was caused during her birth, Rae lost her left earBut, over some time, her remaining right ear slowly moved to the middle and stopped at the top of her head

This made her look exactly like (you guessed it!), a smol and fluffy unicorn!

golden retriever puppy with one ear being hugged some someone

This is how Rae got her nickname as the Golden Unicorn!

She caught people’s attention when a video of her was uploaded to tiktok

golden retriever puppy with one ear lying down on a white tiled floor

Rae became a global sensation and went viral really quickly, making everyone fall in love with her adorable face

Actually, people wanted to see more of the glorious Rae

I mean, who would blame people for asking for more, right? Just look at this cutie!

golden retriever puppy with one ear in a blue leash sitting on stairs with dark patterned carpeting

Seeing that everyone loved her little Rae, her owner quickly made social media accounts featuring Rae, calling her the Golden Unicorn

As of now, Rae has over 220k followers on Instagram!

golden retriever puppy with one ear sitting on the floor

Rae is a beautiful and perfect puppy and her injury has only left her more adorable and precious

Rae the Golden Unicorn is all grown up now and this is what she looks like these days!

golden retriever puppy with one ear standing on a wooden patio with a lack and white fluffy dog

I love how Rae is proving to the whole world that you are perfect just the way that you are.

golden retriever puppy with one ear being kissed by a blonde woman wearing black