Japanese Artist Hand-Cuts Incredibly Intricate Octopus From Single Sheet Of Paper

Masayo Fukuda has the power to turn a simple sheet of paper into a dazzlingly intricate image.By cutting forms from a white sheet of paper, and contrasting it with a black background, Fukuda can transform a simple piece of paper into a breathtaking image of, for example, a chameleon or a shrimp.Fukuda’s cut-outs have a delicate, lace-like quality and it’s difficult to truly grasp how she’s able to produce images that are so spectacularly detailed.

This particular art form is called “kirie” (“cut picture” in Japanese) and it’s clear that Fukuda has found the perfect medium for expressing her creativity.One of our favourite pieces of Fukuda’s is an incredibly detailed octopus, which is filled with a striking sense of life and movement.

Fukuda shares beautiful snaps of her art on Instagram and some of her artwork is available for purchase through her website.

Fukuda is an incredibly talented artist and has clearly mastered the art of kirie.

This octopus is one of her or most spectacular pieces, and the level of detail is incredible.

This beautiful piece took two months to finish.

When placed in front of a black background, it looks like it’s been drawn rather than intricately cut.

Fukuda has also produced other breathtaking pieces.

The level of detail is always incredible.

We could truly scroll through her Instagram all day.