Japanese Girl Got A Cat For Her Sick And Grumpy Grandpa, And He Changed His Life

Kinako the cat is the heroic feline responsible for saving a sickly old man, named Jiji, from a lifetime of grumpiness. According to Jiji’s granddaughter, Akiko, it’s been a long while since a smile was last seen on his grandfather’s face. In 2009, he was diagnosed with a sickness, and ever since that time, his enthusiasm for life started to decline.

Good thing it didn’t have to end that way for Jiji, because after Akiko got his grandpa a cat, the happy man in him started to thrive again.The joy of having Kinako the cat as a companion awakened Jiji’s sense of purpose and that’s how a cat became the hero of Jiji’s story. Scroll down to see the rest of their story through Akiko’s camera lens and check out her website for more.

(h/t: lovemeow)

Meet the best of friends, Jiji the grandpa and Kinako the cat.

Jiji had worked for 64 years before being diagnosed with an illness in 2009. These circumstance negatively affected his perspective in life and turned him into a grumpy old man.

Little did he know that a cat was going to forever change his grumpy way of living.

When Akiko first brought the cat home, he acted kind of shy, but eventually he started to get along with Jiji.

Since then he kept Jiji company, who found a purpose in life again.

Whether grandpa is reading a newpaper…

Or even when he’s just resting…

Kinako is always there, just like a guardian angel.

They also spend playtime with each other.

And even spend some quiet time together.

To keep a healthy relationship, they also make sure to give each other some me time.

Cats are a blessing in our life.

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