Kind little boy refused to leave the injured dog until help arrived

Kindness is a gift that not many people have. It springs in the heart like love. With this kindness, we can make the world a better place to live in.If you are looking for an opportunity to be kind then just don’t wait for it. All you have to do is look around and you will find many opportunities to help and to show love and compassion.Here is the story of a little boy who is a refugee from war-torn Syria.

His name is Huseyin el-Hasan and he did something extraordinary which restored our faith in humanity. In Syria, he came across a lot of things that were not very good and how it feels to be like living in a country torn by war.He endured many tragedies but that did not make him a hard-hearted person. Fortunately, they found shelter in the Turkish city of Kilis and his family started living there as refugees.

Though his life is hard he himself is very soft-hearted. When he saw a doggie hit by a car near his place, the boy went to help the injured dog. He came to his house and fetched some blankets for the dog to keep it warm and then he alerted the adults so that they could call for help.

He remained by the side of the dog till help arrived. Then some animal care workers came to take the dog to a local vet. Sadly the help arrived late and the dog was unable to survive. This incident left the boy heartbroken.

His act of kindness was acknowledged by the city’s deputy mayor Cuma Ozdemir who visited Huseyin at his home to honor him. The boy was given a new blanket and some other presents as a reward for his humanity.

The boy taught us an important lesson that is how to remain kind and compassionate even in a hard situation like the one he is facing living in that war-torn country.

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