Kitten Overflowing With Excitement When She Meets A Baby Deer

It’s always a treat when you see two different species getting along. We have seen many examples of this, most notably the dog and the owl.This time it’s about a kitten and a baby deer who are meeting each other for the first time. And it seems that the kitten especially is overflowing with excitement.

One day, Miro the kitty and her owner spotted a young deer hanging around just outside her front door. When they went to check it out, Miro was overflowing with excitement and went to examine the fawn properly,However, it seems like the fawn couldn’t care any less that Miro was there, or maybe he was playing hard to get?

Whatever the deer was (or wasn’t) doing, it was driving Miro crazy for attention. He tried everything, from tapping her on the head, to giving her some loving licks. Whatever Miro tried, the deer just ignored him.

Kitten Meets A Baby Deer

As it turns out, the deer was just a baby, less than 48 hours old in fact. So because of this it was not able to walk or even reply to Miro, but he didn’t know that.

Thankfully, shortly after the video ended, the fawns mother came and took her back home.