Kitten ‘Pawfficer Donut’ Gets Recruited As First Kitten Cop

Behind every peaceful and harmonious community there is a determined and courageous police force. Tasked with upholding the law, police officers are modern day superheroes, risking their lives to protect people and their property. But being a police officer is no easy task.

Compassion, attention to detail and excellent reflexes are a must. That’s why when the Troy Police Department had a new job opening at their police division, they knew that only a “pawfficer” could fill the job. Donut is the first feline officer to serve the force.

He helps with public appearances and is there for therapeutic purposes. And just like a real superhero, Donut even has his own merchandise, and for a noble cause too.

All the proceeds from the pawfficer merchandise goes to the Michigan Humane Society.