Lasagna, The 29-Pound Cat Abandoned In A Dog Crate, Finds Her New Home With Stouffer’s Help

Lasagna the cat was abandoned inside a dog crate and left at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia.The staff couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered the short-haired cat sitting there in the cage in all her glory — she weighed a whopping 29 pounds.

Lasagna was so large that she couldn’t groom herself, or even move around and walk for that matter. Her weight presented many medical issues, a fact which would make it harder to find her a good home. And since dogs are generally more desirable to adopters than cats anyway, the staff worried they wouldn’t be able to re-home her.

Determined to find her the life she deserved, ACCT Philly shared a photo of Lasagna on social media, looking for a family that could help her lose the weight and get her on track to health and happiness.
The post went viral and caught the attention of Stouffer’s. “We hope she finds a home!” the frozen food brand wrote on Twitter. “To the family who adopts Lasagna: we will send you a bunch of lasagna!”