“Like A Burrito:” Dog Can’t Resist Wrapping Himself In Mom’s Sweaters


Rogers wants to be cozy and snug all the time.His latest adventure was burrowing that he turned himself into a doggo burrito, fully wrapped in his mom’s sweater sleeves.Autumn Nelson, Roger’s mom, now kept all the sweaters so he can’t get helplessly stuck again.If there’s one coziest place to be, this dog knows where.Roger, born as a sucker for snuggles, always wants to be as cuddly as possible.

“He really enjoys climbing up and putting a paw on each of our shoulders to give what we call ‘face hugs.’ He loves playing with and snuggling our cats too,” Autumn Nelson, Roger’s mom, told The Dodo.On his hunt for snug spaces, Roger has discovered his own comfy place, something his mom would least expect — in the sleeves of her own sweaters!“He did it for the first time a few weeks ago … I had heard him whining upstairs when I called him to go outside and I found him stuck in my sweater,” Autumn said.

“I of course laughed forever and decided I had to document it before getting him out! He just stared at me and had a mix of embarrassment and shame.”

Tightly squeezed inside his mom’s sweaters, Roger looked like the cutest doggo burrito, compactly wrapped over.

As he had a hard time getting out the sleeve wrap, Autumn thought Roger learned his lesson and wouldn’t even dare to try it again. But she was completely wrong. She then again found him stuck in the sleeves of her sweaters.

“Every time I have found him it was because he finally decided to get out, but couldn’t, so he’d whine,” Autumn said. “I’d go in my room to find him in yet again another sweater.”

The first time Autumn found her dog wrapped in the sweaters was the first time Roger ever did it in seven years since he had become part of the family. It’s still unclear why he suddenly became fascinated with making a burrito out of himself — or maybe, for him, it’s super irresistibly cozy in there.

Roger’s family would want to support his burrowing adventures, but they couldn’t just let him get stuck, of course.

“He somehow wraps himself into them like a burrito but he’s never done the sweater thing until the other week. Now we have to hide our laundry basket in the closet,” Roger’s mom said.

Now that all sweaters were hidden away, we wonder what Roger would do next to keep him as cozy as that once-upon-a-time happy doggo burrito.

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