Listen As Golden Retriever Dad Grumbles While He Babysits His Puppies

When mom needs a break, who better to watch the puppies than dad?Being a momma dog is hard work. The endless nursing, cleaning, minding the puppies can get exhausting. Even the most devoted momma dog needs a break to take care of business and get some fresh air.Who better to watch the growing litter than dad? After all, he does have it easy compared to mom. He didn’t have to go through labor and never has to endure hour after hour of nippy puppy companionship.

He doesn’t have to feed the puppies, clean the puppies, or share his food. He gets a full night’s sleep. He pretty much just sits back and enjoys his handiwork. Until now…This fur dad is paying his dues in the most adorable way.Mom is on a break and this handsome golden retriever is taking care of his puppies in the kitchen. The growing puppies are taking advantage of their time with dad by climbing all over him.

It’s the cutest dog pile you’ll ever see!

The puppy pile is adorable and the cute pups can’t get enough of their dad. But, as they climb all over him, he seems to have had enough of them. As the pups walk all over him, he lays helpless not at all sure what to do with his adorable litter.

Listen to the video, because soon you’ll hear dad beginning to complain to the little fluffers. He hilariously starts to growl. As dad growls, more puppies climb on top of him and begin to play together.

These adorable puppers are not at all concerned about dad complaining.

The puppies are confident that dad will put up with their adorableness until mom gets back. And, they could not be any cuter.