Listen To This Baby Laugh As Her German Shepherd Showers Her With Kisses

There is something special about the relationship between a German shepherd and their little baby human best friends. It’s such a lucky child who gets to grow up with a German shepherd by their side.This little baby girl is sitting on the couch with her German shepherd. Dad is filming the two of them. The baby then reaches for the dog’s nose and when she gives it a little squeeze, the sweet pup remains so calm and gentle with the baby.

It’s clear these parents have taken the time to introduce these two friends and are comfortable with the two of them spending time so close together. The dog shows no sign of being nervous. In fact, she seems to be delighting in her new little friend.The dog even seems content to have her nose squeezed as long as she can stay where she is. But dad reminds the baby about the doggy rules. And, that’s when the most adorable thing happens.

The cute shepherd reaches her long nose over and begins giving kisses to her tiny human.

Listen to the video because when the baby starts to laugh it is hilarious. The baby lets out some adorable little chuckles. But when the dog moves her face away, the baby grabs her and pulls her back for more.

The shepherd then showers the baby with sweet doggy kisses and the little girl laughs and laughs. She seems to find the kisses funny and just can’t get enough of them. The dog doesn’t seem to want to stop either.

Dad carefully watches the two and eventfully intervenes. There may not be more kisses for now but we’re sure there will be an endless supply in this cute little girl’s future. Along with lots of fun times playing with her furry best friend.