Little boy finally gets ‘dog of his dreams’ after years of asking


Children have this amazing ability to never give up on their dreams. While adults have been conditioned to use the analytical and practical sides of their brains, children still have hope even when it seems like there should be none.TikTok user @ourlayeredhome‘s little boy had been asking for a puppy for two long years.

Despite mom nixing the idea, he refused to let go of his goal of having a furry best friend.And this kid didn’t want any old dog. He wanted a “sausage dog named Angus.”Recently, this cute kiddo’s dream finally came true.His mom gave in and got him a dog. A sausage dog that they named Angus. The dog of this boy’s dreams.

As it turns out, getting her son the dog he always wanted will do a lot more for him than just make him happy. Growing up with a dog can help a child develop vital social skills, according to the Queensland RSPCA.

A dog can help a child with impulse control and improve their self-esteem.
“It also makes them much friendlier – after all, when they walk around with the dog, it’s very likely that other people and dogs will approach them. The sharing of the dog for a few moments teaches generosity and patience toward others,” Queensland RSPCA said.

Dogs also help kids learn responsibility by taking care of a dog. Child dog owners were also found to have better immune systems and cardiovascular health and be less susceptible to respiratory illnesses.

But when it came down to it, this little boy’s parents wanted to get him a dog because he was ready to have a forever best friend.

And they knew it would bring him immense joy.
So, they had to make their reveal of his new puppy special. They decided to go with a surprise reveal and just spring the dog on him.

They caught the sweet boy’s reaction on video and posted it on TikTok, where it was liked over 1.6 million times. The video shows the boy bursting through the door to a living room.

He goes for a toy first, then looks to his right and spots something moving. You can tell the moment he realizes it’s a dog when his jaw drops wide open into an “O”.

He was in a total state of shock when he looks up at his mom like, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Wait!? Whose? We finally got Angus?” asks the boy before breaking out into a happy dance.
He makes a high-pitched squeal before running over to his new best friend.

He gives the dog a big hug and then immediately starts playing with him. It’s the most adorable thing ever!

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