Little Dog Left Behind When Her Family Moved Away Becomes Someone Else’s Princess

You probably know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, that couldn’t be more appropriate for the story below. A dog left behind by her family when they moved away becomes another family’s little princess. And it’s all thanks to a kind neighbor and Hope For Paws.

Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned dog in need. The neighbor of the family who moved away was able to catch the nervous dog and tie her to the porch so she couldn’t run away. The man had provided her with food for months, but she wouldn’t let him touch her.But on this day, everything changed.

The dog surrendered to him and the rescuers as if she knew her day had come.

It was time to get Kona back to the facility for a much-needed bath and checkup.

The dog was so exhausted after everything she’d just gone through, she lied there calmly as they gave her a haircut. This was the beginning of her transformation to becoming a princess. The next step would be finding a forever family.

And that didn’t take long at all! Now clean and healthy but still a little shy, Kona was adopted just a couple of weeks later. She has the perfect family who loves her very much.