Little Girl’s Lullaby To Her Puppy Makes Mom Proud

Paige Jolley Bumgarner started recording as her four-year-old little girl, Marleigh, started singing sweetly to their puppy. Her daughter was singing a Christian hymn as a lullaby, and the moment made her extremely proud.Mom shared the video on her Facebook page where it racked up 30 million views in no time, and it’s easy to see why.

Her caption read, “This is why this dog is so spoiled.”She continued on in a comment to say, “While I am so grateful for these kind messages, the truth is I fail everyday. I fail the Lord and I fail Marleigh. I don’t feel worthy of all these sweet comments but I do know we have taught Marleigh we love everyone just like Jesus does.

I hope she continues to show Jesus’ love the rest of her life. Thank you all again for all your sweet messages and comments!”

Too precious!