Lonely Husky Picks Her Own Kitten To Take Home From Shelter, And They Become Best Friends

As many of us know from TV, dogs and cats are often portrayed as ‘enemies’. However, this Husky from Texas recently found her best friend, and surprisingly enough, it is a tabby cat.Christina always wanted both a dog and a cat that she could raise together. So, she took her Tamaskan Husky, Raven, to pick out a cat for herself.

Seemingly, Christina knew that she had to let Raven select her cat, so she could be sure that the two animals would get along. So, one day she took Raven to an animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas.When they arrived at the shelter, Raven found herself in the company of four cats. Out of all of the cats, a cute tabby named Woodhouse was the only one who interacted with Raven.

Delighted, Christina recognized the pair’s instant connection. On that day, they all went home together, and Christina and Raven have welcomed Woodhouse as the newest addition to their family.

From that day on, Raven and Woodhouse did everything together. They’re what friendship goals are all about. The two cuddle, play, and eat together, and they even share their food and toys.

Woodhouse doesn’t care that Raven is larger than her because she is fearless, and she always chases Raven around the house.