Longest Shelter Resident Finds Forever Home Before The Holidays

Ciabatta had been the longest-term resident of an Ohio shelter before finally finding his forever family just in time for the holidays.
His overflowing energy was simply too much for most potential parents.The staff hopes that Ciabatta’s story sheds a light on how often dogs get overlooked for adoption.The longest-term resident of the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in Columbus, Ohio is a sweet and energetic pooch named Ciabatta.

Since July 2018, Ciabatta had been in and out of the shelter, where he spent a total time of 370 days!Finally, in November, his most recent foster family decided to keep him — just in time for the holidays.Ciabatta was nicknamed “Mr. Personality” for his playful nature. But his energy turned out to be too much for most potential parents.

The shelter’s community relations manager, Andrew Kohn, JD, told Daily Paws that Ciabatta needed “a home with no other animals, a fenced-in back yard, and older children” — requirements that were hard to find.

After Ciabatta was finally adopted, Kohn made sure to thank the staff and volunteers for their dedication in helping him find his forever home.

Kohn hopes that Ciabatta’s story sheds a light on how often shelter dogs are overlooked for whatever reason. This then leads to long-staying dogs gaining “a stigma of being ‘unadoptable’ because of the length of their stay.”

Kohn assures that even the longest shelter residents can “blossom and grow, showing their true selves and offering all the love in the world to their new family” when given the chance.