Lost Dog Cries Out With Joy While Reuniting With Her Worried Mom

Meet Liddie, a sweet dog that was missing for three long and very worrisome weeks, especially for her owner, Kirstin Kapp.“I don’t really know how to cope,” Kapp wrote in a post at the time. “A part of me is missing and there’s nothing I can do about it. I love you so much my sweet girl. Please come home.”

Liddie, a loyal and loving pup, had her heart broken as well — but thankfully, their hearts wouldn’t stay that way forever.It’s not certain exactly where Liddie spent those weeks she spent apart from her beloved owner, but 21 days after initially going missing, she was found by a couple of good Samaritans who then got word that she belonged to Kapp’s family. They were able to track the Kapp family down at the vet clinic where she works — all leading up to their long-awaited reunion.

Kapp was in tears as Liddie leaped into her arms, crying out in joy to be back where she belongs.

“You got your people back!” one of Kapp’s colleagues can be heard saying in the video.

Later, Kapp posted another video of the amazing reunion but taken from a different angle:

Liddie and Kapp clearly couldn’t have been more overjoyed to be reconnected and once again be in each other’s arms, just how they like it!

Dogs such as Liddie might not be able to use words to help them articulate the affection that they have for their humans, or how much it pains them to be away. But its touching scenes like these that prove the language of love requires no translation.