Lost Dog Found Making Himself At Home In A Stranger’s House

A family in Michigan came home Christmas evening to find their door open and a surprise guest lounging on their couch. They’re not exactly sure how it happened, but the home invader wasn’t the kind worth calling the cops over. It was River, a runaway dog looking for somewhere to get warm.A week ago, River disappeared from his new family’s home. Jean Strobel, River’s owner, did everything she could to bring her pup back.

She organized her entire community to be on the lookout for the wayward hound, and she contacted the local animal recovery program, Lost Paws. Search parties scoured the nearby areas, and missing dog fliers were posted on every message board and light pole.River was missing for seven days, but it wasn’t a search party that finally brought the dog back home. After braving the winter weather and scrounging for food, it seemed River was tired of being lost.

Instead of waiting to be found, he took matters into his own paws.

When the Sluit family saw the furry bundle on their couch, “raccoon” was their first thought. River had the fur and four legs, but it only took a second for the family to realize the serendipity surrounding the holiday home invasion. They recognized River from the pictures posted in the neighborhood and knew the dog belonged to a good home.

They called Lost Paws and quickly arranged for a Christmas reunion. Despite earlier reports of River being spotted several miles away, he ended up breaking into a house down the road from his own. The Sluit family still isn’t sure how River managed to open the door and get inside, but they’re happy they could help a frantic family and a lost dog find their way back to each other.

River is now safe at home and working on gaining back the weight he lost. He needs rest and some nourishing food, but he’s comfortably recovering from his ordeal. Strobel isn’t letting the wandering pooch out of her sight and is thankful to be able to welcome the new year with her newly adopted dog safe at her side.