Lost Dog Living On Street Cries With Joy When Owner Finally Finds Him After 3 Years Apart

Are you ready for a tear-jerker?It’s devastating to lose a pet. Not knowing where they are or if they’re ok or out there hurting somewhere.In 2015, Giorgi Berejiani’s beloved dog, Jorge, went missing from their home in the city of Tbilisi in the country of Georgia. And while they were apart, seemingly likely to never see one another again, it was obvious that they still thought about one another.

Berejiani looked everywhere for Jorge to no avail. Then he asked neighbors to keep an eye out for the pup. If anyone saw a dog that looked like Jorge, he wanted to know.But the months turned into a year and a reunion didn’t appear to be in the cards for the pair.

And then one day everything came together.

“We searched for three years”. Then we found him.”

In October 2018, some workers at a local business who had learned about Berejiani’s search for Jorge, noticed a dog that looked a lot like him. The only thing different was that this dog had been given a yellow tag on his ear by the city – a mechanism for marking strays.

Luckily, they contacted Berejiani anyway and told him about the canine.

Berejiani rushed to the shop hoping the dog would still be there. While he was on the bus, he first caught a glimpse of the dog and knew it was Jorge.

As he approached a tree the dog was dejectedly sleeping beneath, he turned on his camera.

Then he called the pup’s name – and Jorge recognized some combination of his name and the voice calling it. He picked up his head in confusion – then he turned his head.

A very sweet moment ensued when the two recognized one another. Frankly, the clip (which shaky and blurry in places) is a real tear-jerker.

Jorge jumped with joy, even looking for a moment like he was smiling as he jumped up on his old owner and showered him with love.

The city of Tsibili has many stray dogs, some of which are fed by employees of local restaurants. As a result, they might hang out outside that place of business.

No one knows for sure how Jorge survived or how he failed to make his way back to his owner. All we know is that he was VERY happy to see his old friends as he danced around him, sniffing to make sure it was all real.

People are heartened by the dog’s excitement and the sweet reunion – after all, who wouldn’t want the same outcome?

Be sure to scroll down below to see the reunion video – and make sure you have some tissues nearby. It’s heartwarming, but brings up a lot of complex emotions.

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