Lost Dog Rings Doorbell As Soon As He’s Back Home

Dogs, like Rajah, are usually startled by loud noises such as fireworks.Recently, Rajah ran away from home as the neighbors set off a firework that scared her.Few hours later, Rajah — covered in dirt, thorns and poop — was able to return home, and even managed to press the buzzer so she could get inside their home!It is common to hear fireworks around July 4th. Although they are truly a beautiful sight to behold, their sound is quite scary for most dogs like Rajah.

Rajah is a pretty happy dog. For her, the most comfortable place is beside her mom snuggling her. She likes chasing animals in the backyard or savoring a quiet time on the deck. But when it comes to scary sounds, like fireworks, she is usually frightened. Rajah has always had trouble with thunderstorms and fireworks.

“She is scared very easily by loud noises,” Mary Lynn Whitacre told The Dodo. “We don’t know what happened to her before we adopted her from the shelter, but she is a very sensitive girl.”

On June 27, Rajah ran away from home. The rescue dog was out in the yard when neighbors set off a firework that startled her.

“Right after I heard the fireworks, I went outside to get her from the backyard and she was gone,” Mary Lynn said. “She had climbed our fence and ran off to go somewhere safe.”

She knew that her pup was somewhere outside, alone and afraid, and she couldn’t help but fret.

“We searched for her for hours and asked people to help,” Mary Lynn said. “Around 1 a.m. we decided to stop driving around and [figured] that someone must have brought her inside their house because none of us had seen her.”

The family also posted about their missing dog on social media, and were planning to call the local shelters the next day.

Mary Lynn was so worried, especially that they just recently moved in to their new home, which would give a more difficult time for Rajah to find her way back home.

But at around 3 a.m., the fur mom heard the door buzzer and some scratches at the front door. It was Rajah! She managed to go back home, and even learned how to ring the doorbell!

“We were so excited to see her,” she said. “Honestly, we were scared she was hurt somewhere, so to see her come home was the best feeling. We couldn’t have been happier.”

Mary Lynn was totally clueless where the pup was for the last seven hours. She was covered in dirt, thorns and poop, and even looking so guilty.

“She thought she would be in trouble and sulked inside, but we just cleaned her off and let her sleep in the bed with us,” she said. “We have no idea what she did while she was out … who knows what she did?!”

It doesn’t matter now. What’s important is she had her dog back — all dirty, but safe.