Lost Fawn Mistakes German Shepherd For Its Mom, Follows Her For Snuggles

A 7-month-old German Shepherd Dog, named Iris, has recently started K9 training with her owner, Adrian Flores. Adrian takes Iris out for a walk every morning along a trail in Southern Pines, North Carolina.During a recent walk, the duo noticed that they were being followed by a young fawn. The fawn seemed particularly interested in Iris. Adrian assumes that it’s because Iris resembled her mother far more than he!

The fawn was visibly frightened. But that’s when Iris stepped in to check on the helpless baby deer.For nearly an hour, Iris stayed with the baby deer, licking and snuggling with the fawn until she calmed down. The fawn got so comfortable with Iris that she began to cuddle up to her and relax.

The fawn eventually smelled something familiar.

Likely his mother’s scent or the scent of his bed and said goodbye to Iris and Adrian and trotted back into the brush.

Adrian says he’s proud of his pup and surprised by her compassion and reaction to the fawn. We’d like to think that this was just two babies comforting one another when one was in need.