Lost Fawn Thinks German Shepherd Is His Mom, Follows Her Around For Snuggles

A little fawn got lost in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and was understandably very distressed when he couldn’t find his way back to his mommy.Luckily, the poor fawn stumbled upon a kind and furry police-in-training who was quick to come to his aid.Iris, a seven-month-old German Shepherd enrolled in the K9 training programme, was out on a walk with her owner when she spotted the lost little deer.

Iris and her daddy, Adrian Flores, go on a walk together each morning along a trail in Southern Pines.It’s a great way to start the day, but one morning, their walk was interrupted when they noticed a shy but curious little figure following them.The little fawn had gotten lost and when he spotted Iris, he started trailing her as if she was his mom.

When Iris realized that the poor baby was scared and in need of help, she approached the young deer and tried to comfort him.

The fawn was relieved to finally have someone looking after him, and immediately put all his trust in Iris.

The fawn kissed Iris and cuddled up to her, and Iris returned the love with kisses and gentle nuzzles.

Iris spent nearly an hour comforting the little fawn and keeping it safe until it finally discovered how to get back home.

Iris, who has only just begun her K9 training, is clearly a natural when it comes to serving and protecting and will make an excellent police pup one day.

Watch how happy this little fawn was to be protected and consoled by Iris.

This sweet and wholesome story has put smiles on countless faces.

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