Lost Kitten Follows German Shepherd Home, Dog Happily Adopts Her As Her Own

Some dogs are very sweet and love to mother and look out for other animals. You can see them caring for other pets in the house, even if they’ve never had a pup of their own. This adorable German shepherd named Toast is one such special doggo.One day when Toast and dog mom Lucie went out for a walk they were approached by the tiniest tabby kitten.

The sweet little kitty walked right up to Toast so Lucie asked Toast to be gentle with the tiny furry.As Toast gently sniffed the little gray bundle, Lucie decided it was best to head back to the house in hopes the kitten’s mother would show up and claim the little wandering kitten. But as they walked home, the kitten followed them all the way to their front door.

The kitten was friendly although very skinny. It followed the pair inside the house, where she made herself at home. She went straight up to Toast possibly as if to say, “are you my new mother?”

Toast welcomed the tiny cat into her home and heart. The two became fast friends. Toast loved her new little kitten so much that she even shared her dog food, allowing the tiny cat to sit right in her dish when eating.

The sweet little kitten loved to cuddle up on top of Toast. Toast enjoyed the cuddles and even licked and mothered the kitten as if the cat were her own baby. The two could not be any sweeter together.

Toast helped teach the kitten the ropes and even helped her up on the furniture. She carefully watched over the cat as it went up and down the stairs and spent her days making sure her kitten was safe.

The two played outside but the one place Toast never allowed the kitten to go was too close to the pool.

When she did, she picked up the cat and moved the kitty away, making sure the cat would not fall into the water.