Lost Pit Bull Spots Cop Car, Jumps In To Rescue Herself

We’re not sure how she got lost, but when this sweet Pit Bull found herself alone on the streets of Walnut Creek, California, she didn’t wait for rescue.She looked around until she saw a parked patrol car and hopped right in!The police department posted online about the incident.”Tonight, at around 5:45 p.m., this little girl knew she was in trouble and took it upon herself to jump into one of our parked patrol cars and let Officer Akers know she was lost.”

Officer Akers was a bit surprised, but he decided to help.Aker’s decided that the best course of action was to drive her to the local animal shelter, as it was likely the first place her family would go when looking for her.”She fell asleep in Officer Akers’ lap and napped the entire ride to Contra Costa Animal Services,” the police department posted, adding that “She is well trained, can sit, stay and lay down.”

She has also learned the trick of good manners. She didn’t merely walk off without a care after her rescue. Instead, she thanked officer Akers the only way she could.

“She repaid Officer Akers with a kiss on the cheek for his efforts in finding her family.”

The dog is in good health, but she has no collar tags or microchip. Her rescuers have no choice but to turn to social media in hopes of tracking down her family. The shelter says that if no one claims her in the next week or so, she’ll be up for adoption by Contra Costa Animal Services.

We hope her family misses her dearly and comes looking for her. But if not, we hope she finds a new home that loves and appreciates her sweet nature, smarts, and kind soul.