Loving Family Dog Cannot Stop Kissing Her Human Baby Sister

Puppies and babies go together like peaches and cream. This family dog is loving on her little human sister and the two of them could not be more adorable.Bella the family dog has a new little “sister” to love and adore. She tenderly cares for her “baby” like her own puppy and kisses her from her head to her toes.

The infant is not scared of Bella at all and seems to be enjoying all the attention her cute pup is lavishing on her. Mom watches the two closely and gently redirects Bella’s kisses when she gets a little ambitious with her licking.The doggy and baby pair are obviously comfortable with each other and already have a close bond. What a lucky child to get to grow up with such a sweet dog watching over her.

The two are already best friends and we’re sure Bella spends her days not only loving on her baby, but also watching over her.

We can only imagine what the future days will bring as the baby learns to sit up, go for walks with Bella, and eventually can throw her toys and play with her. Not to mention sharing yummy snacks and treats.

A study suggests that having a dog in the house with a baby is also good for the child’s health and can actually lower the risk of infection. According to a report in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers say:

“babies who grow up in homes with a pet — namely a dog or a cat — are less likely to get sick than children who live pet-free. The results bolster the notion that keeping infants’ environments overly sanitized isn’t good for their health. Previous research has linked the presence of pets with a lower risk of allergies among babies, while a recent study in mice found that exposure to household dust from homes with a dog prevented infection with a common respiratory virus that is thought to increase the risk of childhood asthma.”

This is one lucky baby and Bella is such a sweet pup. We look forward to any future videos they might make.